Q: How old does my child need to be to start classes?

A: We have classes for students ages 2 and up!

Q: What should my student wear to class?

A: You can find our class requirements here! -> Studio Policies

Q: Where should I buy shoes for class?

A: We have all shoes available to purchase at the studio! There are also many other choices to purchasing shoes locally. Our only stipulation is that we do not allow tap shoes that may damage our floors. *Note: We have found certain shoes have been destructive to our facility.

Q: Should I stay at the studio while my child is in class?

A: While we do suggest if your student is under the age of 5 that a suitable adult is present, it is entirely up to you and your family! We do have a waiting room with a monitor so you may watch your student's class. 

Q: Can we watch our student's class?

A: APAC provides a waiting room with a monitor so you may watch your student's class. We also hold 2 watch weeks per semester where we invite our family and friends to observe our class! APAC no longer allows spectators to be seated in our hallways. We ask everyone to respect all of our students and faculty members by remaining in our waiting room.

Q: How should our hair be done before for class?

A: Hair should always be secured away and out of a student's face. Ballet classes have a strict policy where hair must be secured into a neat bun.

Q: How do I get more information about classes?

A: We have all of our class listings, prices, and policies available on our website. Please feel free to browse around and get a feel for our studio online! Other questions? Shoot us an email: info@amarillopac.com

Q: What is the cost for classes at APAC?

A: We have a very helpful PRICING page that should answer your questions!

Q: Will my student get to perform?

A: YES! This is the very best part of taking a dance or tumbling class at APAC! We offer a showcase week in the fall and our annual recital in the spring for recreational students. Our Fall Showcase is a fun, cool way to get on stage and perform in front friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. Our End of the Year Recital in June is our blowout show with costumes, stage sets, and profession lighting! This is something you do not want to miss!

*Please note: Ballet, Leaps and Turns, and other technique only classes will not have a performance dance, they are strictly technique classes. Tumbling classes will showcase their skills during both recitals.

Q: How much are costumes?

A: Costumes for our recreational programs are beautifully selected by our faculty and director. These costumes run $70-$85/dance. Hip hop classes will have one dance and combination will perform two dances at our end of the year recital! 

Q: Why should I choose Amarillo Performing Arts Center?

A: Here at APAC we strive each and every day to share our STUDIO VALUES with our staff, students, and families. We work hard to make sure you are welcomed with an AUTHENTIC vibe which is incomparable to any other! Our entire space and culture is designed to INSPIRE our students to become the very best they can be, both inside the studio and out. The key goal of our program is to NURTURE young minds and mold them into not only beautiful athletes, but beautiful hearts as well. We strive to offer our students an experience that will EMPOWER their minds, bodies, and souls. Lastly, we believe when we instill our core values we will create a feeling of FAMILY and HOME. We are forever grateful to all of those who have made the choice to pursue the arts with us!